The Island & INCREDIBLE in La Paz BCS How to go?

We are going to practice our experience we are going to give you all the costs That’s all you guys have to know to do this tour, all you have to do is get to the marina of Canta Mar and that’s where the adventure starts. you already know that this tour I can’t deal with the world attractions agency.

It is a 100% real travel agency 100% established before the tourism weeding 6 here the experience in this hotel this to get to the marina on the GPS They cannot take like that, it is that it is no longer said like that Let’s all follow them on the hello football of our marking, it was recalled because it is today to agree on the route the bathroom is a normal bathroom according to the size with which this shower has only 6 Chabot and we are already starting the tour here the perfect day brother look today we are leaving the way of singing, as usual, we are heading towards the holy spirit it is a journey of six and a half hours according to where we have different activities the first one we are here 15 minutes From reaching what is called San Rafael landmark, it is a place where you will have the opportunity to do an activity that is snorkeling and swimming with them, creator of the rock zone, we go straight to a core area called San Gabriel Valley.

We go to a beach depending on the conditions it may be towards the north in Corralitos we can stay in dispensation we get on the boat and taste the food that my partner prepares, in this case, Carla or ma Okay we can cross the channel and we arrive in the sloop area that we would end the day in 6 and a half hours, you hear super luxury and especially the boat as well as the one that precisely your yacht is a 36-foot yacht-type marking well no I know about the left but it is big, we have already reached our first stop which is here on a reef where there are sea lions and well, right now, you tell me to go down to swim because

I am not going to go down because every martyr cannot go down and someone has to give by matías own babies to be brave who encourage the transit they practice a little the characteristics of these animals or very interesting data of these animals that are like interns because you can come here it is also what it belonged to what is the protected natural area of ​​the sloop zone the physical characteristics that both males and females present there is no clear or obvious difference according to whether we see them with the naked eye to differentiate between male

And they were between 200 kilos in the adult stage, for the best in the 400 Do not explain the animals that we are seeing from the place that they know what we are visiting that is very easy as I told you I am not going to do the activity because for you later you are still two years old and you cannot do this activity but if you bring children from 67 years old can already carry out the activity more or less, the boy told us that everything depends on the weather conditions, he says that sometimes it is literally like a pool to the sea with death this is a shadow there is no quiet So

Because of that force, part of the people already know the battle cry, I am a Damian and I am here this experience is something you have to do in your life at least once I am so close to nature that is how we have to see the animals as they already know that they do not go to those discovery things where those things that They have really locked up being in their natural habitat without disturbing them, and observing them is what was used, it was not if it was not cool and cold it was half warm the first time I do this and

I think the baby will have to do it sometime and well right now we are on a journey into the air spirit jump see how this session is abusive nothing more how is this color of the sea that is literally it seems that it seems to consume but the contrast also of the mountains It looks arid, it looks like lights, it looks impressive in these panoramas, this type of water is super cool because during the whole tour they have drinks included only soft drinks water voices what is included does not include them. No alcohol or anything like that but the drinks is unlimited, you can even bring your beer bottle where you can put them and they also offered us some small snacks.

Two girls that apple and therefore the hue to the apple of happy those who have as a nation for the most important characteristics according to cultural conditions environmental conditions animals of species that they present are going to be considered as core areas are places with greater importance with greater relevance among the DNP does not mean that the others are not important, only that they have more agreement they have more weight and even the activities that they allow are a little more restricted, for example here because we cannot see what the introduction to the water we cannot even have loud music

Because that can disturb the bird zone one of the characteristics is the nesting area of ​​the frigate species which is a sea bird that is quite curious the truth is that I like it very much although they appreciate the type of flight that they have as they do not use what they are the flapping to do lift and displacement they are used and They are more intelligent when using the wind currents, she simply opens in what are the wings and they take advantage of this energy that the all-natural guys provide them and then nothing elsewhere do we arrive in how to consume

But with an arid panorama above cactus Qatar be and see just what type of water is here is incredible this type of panorama measures approximately about 22 and a half meters the boy told us right now that we got here this place called Corralitos and well here we will be able to do a little more of snorkeling fire than being here like swimming a little here well I will leave you, my babies, is a little deep so if it is necessary to wear the vest and your snorkel equipment to be able to do the activities then we are going to adore here more or less like an hour or so so let’s enjoy a little bit of this wonderful guy and well, the battle cry is here too, I’m a damián

And I’m here but no ah 1 it’s time for lunch, we’re here on the most important thing after age and it’s always hungrier so right now we’re trying some dirty bugs And well, for the specials, those who do not like fish who miss the best of life thinking guys, then here on the tour they include this and well the music and the drinks were with your decision and it’s ready if I go to nothing else the tide went out too digital This includes 40 minutes here in this place so that you can relax to take your picture there in the mushroom or you can do whatever you want here, approximately from here it is about 2 meters deep so there is not much problem

Because it goes in the vest This as you want if you know how to swim because they get to the shore without problem guys and well we have already arrived here at the marina again the tour is over for today the truth is that we did not have a super great time we eat very rich the attention is very very good so it is a tour that the bags super recommend if you come here in this area is fully organized in time in coordination in customer service I will repeat it the food is delicious delights they got a 10 those guys are super cool and we liked it quite a lot it is ideal for older people for young people for normal people for strange people for all kinds of people including that this tour can be taken and the truth is very easy by chic you already know that here we are going to leave you

How much this tour costs here we are going to leave you this tour is per person but they handle infinity they handle sunsets they handle hand measurements they only handle in the private tour they have it if they want something special that Why be the wedding university or they want to ask some one’s hand or so, here they can invite us too and because they already know, contact anything and see the people of attractions around the world, she already has this tour here too room is raffling this girl has hotels has toured throughout the republic even worldwide

They already know that she has 6 years of experience is fully established before the secretary of tourism and it is really guaranteed 100% by us so they are not going to regret it and they will not help us much if they hire the tour with him and well, many of the video presentations we do, we want to shit and namaste and we want to see your travel, we really hope you liked and served this video a lot if you liked it, no Forget to like to subscribe to caballitos if you have not done so and left us your comments thank you very much and see you alive until the next so thank you very much.

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